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Information technology is commonly used in telecommunications and computer equipment to examine, retrieve, process, transmit and store data or information, generally used within the context of an organization or enterprise. This technology also includes software, networks, workstations, storage area networks, client-server, client-reliable networks, client-storage and application service providers (ASP) for information technology deployment. There are four main areas of information technology: Enterprise, Web, Mobile and Distributed Systems. The areas of information technology are expanding due to technological developments. Some of the areas of information technology are:

A professional who chooses to specialize in information technology can either study specifically in this field, acquire a general information technology degree or earn an information technology associate’s degree. The job market for information specialists is expected to grow faster than average during the next decade. There is expected to be a significant increase in the demand for IT specialists as well as jobs for graduates in information technology. With the growth of the Internet and its usage around the world, there is increased need for information technology professionals who possess both technical skills and creative ideas for technology implementation. In addition, IT positions are expected to expand the pool of available workers for other employment opportunities.

A professional who specializes in information systems can earn a bachelor’s degree or get an information technology associate’s degree. Students who specialize in information systems and Internet marketing can also go on to obtain master’s degrees or Ph.D.s in the field. Job opportunities for these graduates depend on the specialization they pursued, whether it was in network architecture, web site design, software development, e-business, information management or more.

People who want to break into the industry can earn a bachelor’s degree or an associate degree. Bachelors degree holders typically have more job opportunities than those with associate degrees. However, those with bachelor’s degrees can expect a smaller opening compared to those with associates degrees.

People who have bachelor’s degrees and are looking to apply for jobs can opt to take information technology associate degree program. This program provides two to four years of classes related to this particular subject area. Classes include information systems theory, computer science basics, application and design principles and more. An associate degree program will allow you to learn a lot of basic fundamentals to help you better perform your job responsibilities. You can also choose to continue your education by taking additional classes such as information systems management, web site design or programming, network security and more.

Those who wish to further their learning and advance their career can take an associate degree or bachelor’s degree. Typically, individuals with bachelor’s degrees enroll in a one-year college or university program. Students then take general business courses such as accounting, communication, economics and statistics. The first two semesters usually involve general studies while the last two semesters will provide specialized training in areas of specific interest to the student. Some of these areas of information technology focus on computer science, information systems management, information technology foundations and more.

There are also some bachelor and associate degree programs that do not require a four-year degree. Typically, these programs take longer to complete due to the fact they require more individualized attention to each student’s individual needs. For example, students who are studying information technology for careers as designers, developers, administrators or technicians often elect to take shorter courses. In some cases, bachelor and associate degree programs take less than two years. The length of time a student has to complete a bachelor’s degree program is based on a number of factors prospective students must consider. These factors include the level of success the student expects to achieve, his or her expected career growth, his or her current skill set and capabilities, and the number of years he or she has to go to school.

For those students who are looking for entry-level positions in information technology, a short course work is typically required. An associate’s degree is usually required for these jobs related to answering telephones. Bachelor’s degrees can lead to jobs such as project managers or software testers. Students who are looking for more specific positions such as web development or network engineers typically opt for more specialized degree programs. These positions require more specialized training and, in some cases, more licensing.

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