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Inbound marketing activities to help generate qualified leads for your business. But what do you actually do? How do you build a strong lead generation? Why should you be using inbound marketing? And most importantly – when is it actually worth all that effort? Let’s look at each question.

The reason why inbound marketing activities are so powerful to drive qualified traffic to your website is that you are able to reach people that are looking for your specific niche through the lenses of those in your target market. In other words, inbound marketing becomes content marketing. In short, the whole idea of inbound marketing consists of creating a positive pull force to draw in pre-qualified leads rather than pushing irrelevant, unwanted, or confusing messages on your prospects. By using this technique, a kind of funnel is developed with leads emerging from the top of the list (TOUCH) into the base of your funnel (BEST) before being nurtured down further with carefully tailored marketing messages aimed at the specific level of lead you have targeted.

You may think that you have a fairly simple inbound marketing activity in terms of reaching qualified leads. After all, you just email your leads and hope that they will buy what you are selling. But do you know that there are so many different ways to go about this process? In fact, if you dig deeper than the surface, you will see that there are several different inbound marketing activities happening at once.

One of the most powerful inbound marketing activities is called social media marketing. In other words, you are using the Internet and some of your favorite social media sites to generate leads. If you have a website for your company, it really makes sense to post and share links to your product pages on popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. This is especially important if your products are e-commerce based. Posting links on these websites and sending out unsolicited emails or spam messages is a bad idea since you are sending your potential leads directly to someone who they can ignore without actually engaging with what you are offering.

Another popular method of generating leads on the Internet is through content marketing. Content marketers write articles, blogs, reviews, white papers, videos, and other forms of content on the topic of your company and send it out in various article directories, submission sites, and social media sites. Just like emails, these articles should be well-written, relevant, and useful to the reader. One way to find fresh, relevant articles is to subscribe to an article directory. Another way is to join social media websites, where you can post your content and receive it freely by the hundreds without paying anything in return.

An important part of the inbound marketing activities is to focus on the prospects. Prospects are people who have expressed some interest in your company’s products and services. You have a better chance of attracting sales if you make it a habit to meet and greet each prospect that comes into your booth and then follow up with them on LinkedIn or Twitter to market to them. You can also use cold calling to attract more prospects. Although this may be uncomfortable for some marketers, it is definitely a more effective way to gain the attention of prospective customers.

In conclusion, marketers should not think of the inbound activities as separate tasks. Rather, marketers should think of them as tools for creating a strong and highly supportive emotional bond with the prospects so that they become real fans and not just potential customers. It takes more than just a great product or service to build a relationship with someone who will become a loyal customer, and it takes an equally focused effort to build that emotional bond.

The inbound strategy is part of the traditional marketing mix, but the difference is that it should not be treated as a distinct activity. Instead, it should be seen as a tool to be used in conjunction with traditional methods. In this way, you can use both to achieve the overall goals of driving new customers to your website and retain those customers as lifelong loyal customers.

SEO Inbound Marketing

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