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It is very important for every computer user to understand components of computer hardware before choosing a particular brand or model. Various components make a PC work and go smoothly. These components must be in working condition if you want your machine to work efficiently. So, don’t leave everything to us. Just take a little time out and read on!

Computer components make up the physical structure of the computer. These parts are wired or integrated together so that they can send signals to the motherboard, processor, hard disk, video card, sound card and others. These components are connected together through wires, cables, connectors and ports to form a complete computer system. These components are separated into three major categories: Output Device, Input Device and Software. These parts can work separately but if they are integrated together, they become one unit called an Integrated Device.

Input Device refers to any component which is used to send information from the computer to an output. This could be any type of physical device such as a mouse, keyboard, monitor, printers and scanners. Output is what comes out of input and it is either written to a paper or provided to an output port such as USB or some other type of port.

An example of input device is the pc camera. A pc camera can send images to the monitor and be displayed in the screen. The pc camera can also send its output via the digital cable to the computer. The camera may be a hand-held gadget or a mounted PC camera. If the computer has a video card, then it can also output to a TV set.

Output components refer to the things that come out of input units. They include speakers, printers, scanners and cameras. There are different types of output devices for input components. The computer components of a PC system include motherboard, processors, ram, hard disk and graphics card. The components of computer system need to be installed in order to get the output devices.

Computer components of a PC include a central processing unit (CPU), a microprocessor and random access memory (RAM). A CPU is the central processing unit which controls all the other computers and processes the instructions given by the software. The microprocessor is responsible for the execution of instructions stored in the CPU and the random access memory is used for temporary storage.

There are many components of a PC but the two most important parts are the microprocessor and the central processing unit. The microprocessor controls the execution of instructions given by the software and helps in executing them. On the other hand, the central processing unit (CPU) is the unit which controls and processes the instructions from the microprocessor. All these components of a PC operate in parallel. This helps in speedy processing of data and calculations.

Various components of a PC are necessary for running an operating system like Windows, Linux, UNIX and others. These components help in the execution of the programs stored in the PC and they also determine the result of the tasks performed by the PC. Some of the essential components of a PC include monitor, keyboard, display, printer, diskettes, cd-roms, floppy disks, monitor, mouse, keyboards, USB, printer drivers, etc. Computer components have changed over time and some of the components have become obsolete now.

Among all the components of a computer system, the most important components are the CPU and the mainframe. The CPU is the core of the system while the mainframe is the central repository where all the applications and the data of a computer are stored. The input and output devices are very important in a computer system. These are the physical components that receive signals from the various input devices and send them to the output components when desired. There are many types of input and output devices that are present in a PC.

Other important components of the computer are the storage devices such as the hard disk, the random access memory or RAM and the input and output devices. Among the storage devices, the disk is the most important and it can be made up of several disks such as CD, DVD, tape, cable and DSL. The other important storage devices are the hard drive and the RAM.

Aside from the storage devices, the hard disk drive is another component that is important in a PC. The hard disk drive stores all the files and other components that are saved in the computer. The other components of a PC are the microprocessor, the memory, the graphics card and the communication board. The components of a computer system have to work in unison so that the overall computing capability of the machine can be improved.

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