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Computer parts are the small pieces necessary for a computer to function properly. The computer parts inside a computer determine how well that particular computer is able to perform. Many people have become experts in identifying computer parts that need to be replaced. Computer parts identify the machine and help users determine how well the machine can be used.

  • RIGHT CLICK: When you start Firefox, what do you see? It’s a window, so of course it displays the computer parts names that you see when you start it. To find out what the right click on the top right indicates, hold down the Alt key when you click on the first menu choice, then look at the right click menu and choose Properties. You can learn more about this right click by clicking the links below.
  • FREE CONDITIONAL FOR EVERYTHING: A few months ago Mozilla released a program called Add-Ons. What is an Add-On? It is a small program added to Firefox to make it possible to perform many new functions that are otherwise not possible. In our daily lives we use computers and there are thousands of programs and utilities that run on Windows and Mac OS X that help us keep our machines running smoothly. One example of a utility that is quite common is the built in “favorites” manager that keeps track of our favorite websites and which web pages load the fastest.
  • CPU: An operating system’s CPU is the center of the computer’s operation. The speed of your computer depends largely on how fast your CPU is. This operating system has been in the news lately because a group of hackers managed to break into the computers of Google, Apple, and Hewlett-Packard and found a way to manipulate the speeds of computer parts inside the computers. Many people believe that these attacks were meant to disrupt or slow down the operating system so that they will allow hackers more access to the personal information of users.
  • Computer Components: The computer components make up the CPU and all the other hardware and software inside your machine. All the different parts together make your computer. Computer components are constantly changing and upgrading as new features are added to them and old features are enhanced. There are so many computer components inside your computer that it would be impossible for you to name them all. There are things like microprocessors, memory modules, digital LED controllers, graphics controllers, hard disk drives, random access memory (RAM), and others.
  • Keyboard and Mouse: These computer parts are used to operate the computer. The keyboard and the mouse are located on the bottom right hand corner of your computer and control almost all of your computer actions. They are the core of your computer and make it what it is. The standard computer keyboard has a very large LCD display and can be used to perform various functions like entering text, controlling windows, and playing games. The optical mouse is smaller and has a pointer on the front so it is easier for you to point at things. The standard computer mouse works with the USB based pointing devices that come with some newer computers.
  • Operating System: The operating system is what makes all the computer hardware and software work together. There are two main operating systems in computer hardware and software; namely Windows and MacOS. Windows operating system runs directly with the hardware while MacOS needs to run under the Mac OS X operating system. This is the reason why you will hear noises from your computer when both the OS are installed.

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