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A definition of technology importance can be based on the definition of technology. Technology is defined by Oxford as the application of scientific and technological knowledge to carry out practical ends such as the operation of a machine, apparatus, process or system. The machines and apparatus are operated with the aid of energy, matter or information and their usefulness is measured by their ability to perform a particular task. It is also important to point out that technology has changed throughout history and it is present in all areas of human activity.

Life can be enhanced by technology. Societies which have a well-developed society with various jobs available for employment and education are more likely to have a high quality of life. The modern society of today has developed technologically to an extent that people can enjoy a good quality of life. It has made our daily lives much simpler and we have managed to eliminate most of the risks which were once associated with old age.

Nowadays, technology is so advanced that it can help us with every single day living. From the past, technology was only found in its infancy and the impact on society was very small. However, with the passage of time, technology has grown in importance and today we find it in every aspect of our lives. There are many definitions for technology. The dictionary can be very helpful in pointing out the meaning of various technological terms.

For those who are still not very sure about technology importance, the use of technology helps in communication. Today, people use technology to communicate instantaneously with each other. Mobile technology helps in enhancing this communication by enabling people to talk to each other even when they are on the move. Thanks to the invention of the mobile phone, people are now able to enjoy the convenience of talking to others even while traveling in the car.

Manufacturing technology also plays a crucial role in the modern economy of any country. There are many manufacturing technologies which have emerged in the recent times. These include electronics, IT, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages and many more. It is due to the rise of manufacturing technology that there is an increase in the demand for the skilled IT professionals. Thus, as a result of the rise in technology importance in business, more students are enrolling in engineering colleges to meet this demand.

The importance of technology can be illustrated well through its use words. There are certain words which signify technology in different contexts. For instance, you will find the word ‘computer’ used to indicate the instruments which are used for storing, processing and transmitting information and also the Internet. When you look at the sentence, you will realize that the computer is not the main part of the Internet but the various tools which make up the Internet.

There are many other technology terms. They are ‘infrastructure’, ‘computer network’ and’storage technology’. You will notice that all these words have a single meaning which is ‘Network’. In the same way, the importance of storage technology is the’storage unit’ and Internet is ‘information’‘.

To understand the importance of technology in our lives, it helps to take a few examples. Consider the development of the Internet. The Internet can be considered to be one single platform, but this was not so in the beginning. There were various protocols and programs which were developed over time. This shows that the importance of technology can be traced to its important aspects like the use of Ethernet, USB, networking and the like.

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