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How Can I Sell Digital Downloads Without a Website?

There are a number of ways to sell downloadable products without having to set up a website. Some of these methods include Payhip, Cartfuel, Teachable, and Easy Digital Downloads. Check out these tips for success! These methods all require very low start-up costs and relatively high competition. You must develop innovative marketing strategies and choose a reliable web host. Before you start your business, identify your interests, strengths, and ambitions.


If you’ve always wanted to sell digital downloads, but don’t have a website, you can use Payhip to make this happen. Payhip allows you to sell anything online, and customers can download your products right from the website. Payhip also accepts credit card payments. This service also offers affiliate marketing options. The best part about Payhip is that you don’t have to pay for hosting or setting up your own website.

Payhip is an easy-to-use payment processor for digital products. Subscriptions are products that are delivered regularly with recurring payments. Examples include e-books, subscriptions to magazines, online courses, and software licensing. You can sell subscriptions with Payhip, and the company will automatically collect payments, email download links, and notify your customers. With Payhip, you can sell subscriptions without a website, while letting your customers choose the delivery time and frequency of your products.

Payhip works with most eCommerce platforms, but is particularly good for digital products. As a result, it doesn’t offer as many features as other eCommerce platforms. The most important thing to remember when setting up a Payhip store is that you can upload product files. Files can be any type, from images to videos. You can upload multiple files at one time. Just keep in mind that you’re limited to five gigabytes.

Payhip is a simple platform that helps you create a store to sell digital products without a website. You can sell digital downloads and memberships through the platform, and you can even use it to sell products on your website. Payhip is a great option for digital sellers, and you can set up your store in minutes with its easy-to-use dashboard. You can upload your products and customize it however you like, manage payment methods, and define affiliate programs.

Easy Digital Downloads

With Easy Digital Downloads for selling your digital downloads, you can sell your files and get paid from customers without having to set up your own website. The plugin is free, but you may need to add a payment processor or other extensions to make your site more powerful. Extensions may include email reports, payment gateways, and invoices. You can also purchase some extensions for a discount.

One of the biggest advantages of Easy Digital Downloads is that you can build manual pages for your customers and link records to other profiles. Using a dashboard to view the statistics, you can see your customer lifetime value and how many of your VIP customers are recurring. You can also use their shopping cart, which supports both guest and registered users. You can customize your checkout forms and even embed your store on social media.

You can also use Easy Digital Downloads’ discount code functionality to offer discounts to your customers. Easy Digital Downloads allows you to set percentage-based or flat rate discounts for your products. In addition, you can restrict how many times your coupons are redeemed and which type of customer they are. You can also set up automated start and end dates for your discounts and exclude some products from the list.

EasyDigitalDownloads also has excellent data reporting tools that help you track your earnings. You can view them by date, category, and even by product. You can also search for specific products and find the data you need to optimize your store. Easy Digital Downloads has an excellent dashboard and buttons for exporting store data. You can even monitor downloads and keep an eye on potential abuse and spam. If you’re unsure about whether this business is for you, contact me for a screenshare and we can walk you through the process step-by-step.


If you have a website, you can easily sell digital downloads with Cartfuel. Its monthly plans offer a generous free plan, and it embeds a shopping cart into your website. Customers can easily add physical products, digital downloads, or services to their cart, and the checkout process is seamless and consistent. Although Cartfuel is not as sophisticated as other shopping carts, it still does the job well.

There are many different platforms for selling digital downloads, and combining Cartfuel and Email Octopus is a popular option. The latter integrates with WooCommerce and works with most other ecommerce platforms. There are free trials for many of these products, so make sure to check them out before buying. While some platforms require a website, others allow you to sell digital downloads without a website.


While you can sell digital downloads without a website, this isn’t for everyone. You might want to sell an ebook, but don’t know where to start. If you don’t have a website and just want to sell a digital download, Teachable can help. Its drag-and-drop editor makes creating and customizing a website a breeze, and you can add your own branding and even create your own courses.

The free version of Teachable includes features such as unlimited students and a small amount of content. However, it’s limited by its features, including a one-time $1 transaction fee and a limit of ten students. You can also sell digital downloads without a website if you don’t have a domain name. You can also sell digital downloads in more than 130 currencies and accept payment through PayPal. There are two plans available: a monthly plan and an annual plan. While you can try the free version first, you’ll pay $1 plus a 10% transaction fee for every sale.

In addition to the free plan, Teachable also offers a number of other useful features. One of them, built-in quizzes and surveys, will help you distinguish your courses from the competition. You can use Kajabi or Teachable to create quizzes and assessments. You can add multiple-choice quizzes to your lectures. Teachable refers to these as “lessons” in their platform. You can also sell Teachable digital downloads without a website with the basic plan for just $39 a month. Kajabi, on the other hand, comes with fully-automated marketing capabilities.

How Can I Sell Digital Downloads Without a Website?

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