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Although, you are right in the notion that modern technology is harmful for mental health, you must consider each side to know how it has both positive and negative effects. This is an infograph to present the negative effects of technology related to mental health. I have put them in order of decreasing effects. The first thing you need to know that modern technology is helpful in many ways. It helps us connect with other people, share our culture and has improved our way of living.

However, there are some downsides associated with this form of modern technology. In fact, it has some negative impacts on our mental health and we might as well recognize them. One of the most prominent effects of technology is its impact on our sleep. Modern screen time has taken a toll on our health and we become less relaxed and we wake up with headaches and stress. Another effect of screen time is on our mental health since we are always exposed to the same sort of entertainment. It is very tiring to sit in one position and watch the same thing repeatedly without pause.

On the other hand, the positive effects of technology could be seen in the creation of new things and gadgets. Some people argue that it is not good to introduce so many things in our lives that it makes us monotone. In this case, let us take the example of mobile phones. It may seem trivial to some, but the mobile phone actually introduced social skills into young children. The introduction of mobiles has reduced crime and violence in different nations.

A lot of job opportunities have been created by the introduction of social skills like interacting with others. The introduction of tech jobs has also brought forth opportunities for the young children. They can now pursue their education even from their very own bedrooms. As a result, the negative effects of technology are being balanced out by the positive effects of technology.

Another example of balancing out the negative effects of technology is the rise of social media. This technology has greatly helped us connect with others and share our daily lives. Many companies have realized this potential in making their products more accessible to the young children in their communities.

Hence, the question that arises is how should we tackle the negative effects of technology? The first and the most obvious answer is that we should not expose our young children to technology at an early age. Children have an innate curiosity and they need to learn about the world. If you want them to be independent later on, you should give them an opportunity to experience adventures and new things. You cannot stop your children from using technology. But at the same time, it is your responsibility to teach them how to use it properly.

Teaching kids about the negative effects of technology is not easy. It requires some amount of convincing especially if you have been using the technology yourself and you are still using it. But the important thing here is that you convince them. If you do not want your kid to develop mental health issues in the future, then you have to show them how having too much technology affects their mental health in the long run.

A parent can encourage his or her child to use a phone only when absolutely required. Children need to know that the phone is a source of security. Also, kids should be taught not to share personal details over a phone. A parent also needs to teach his or her child not to be afraid of the cyber criminals and hackers. Kids should be taught how to protect themselves from the effects of technology. All these things can help a child develop a healthy curiosity about the world and protect him or her from negative effects of technology.

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