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“How Has Technology Changed Society?” A commonly asked question in our high tech world. The answer may surprise some. In fact, how has technology changed society is a continuously evolving process. Societies change because of new technologies, or because people realize new possibilities. Here are the top nine most influential technologies that have fundamentally affected the way we live today:

  • Blockchain. The block chain is at the core of how has technology changed society. It is a highly flexible open source technology that is used today s currencies. As such, it provides a safe and secure way to make use of digital money. Block chain is the underlying technology behind the decentralized ledger.
  • Machine Learning. Machine learning is the study and harnessing of technology for solving problems. A recent development in this field is called “big data”. It refers to unstructured data provided by users like Facebook, Twitter, and eBay that is stored in huge networks without any form of organization. Through machine learning technology, developers can use this large volume of data to generate personalized intelligence that is able to provide accurate, quality results.
  • Wifi. WiFi is perhaps the most important technological advancement of the last decade or so. It has enabled people to connect to each other wirelessly over great distances, thus opening up all kinds of new possibilities in terms of connectivity.
  • Machine Learning. As mentioned before, big data has made it possible to utilize massive amounts of stored data to make sense of it and then make use of it. The biggest advantage of this is called “machine learning”. Machine learning refers to the process by which computers are taught to understand how to make use of massive amounts of previously stored data to make sense of it. One example of this is how computers were able to recognize images in the stock market using just a simple series of high-resolution pictures, and how they can diagnose a disease using complex set of medical images.
  • 3D Printing. There’s no denying that 3D printing is changing the way we think about how things are manufactured. Instead of producing physical objects in a factory, manufacturers now make use of 3D printers to quickly create prototypes and customized items. 3D technology is also starting to play a bigger role in how manufacturing processes are done, as companies can print on demand using 3D printers to make use of customized plastic molds.

These are just three of the many ways how technology has changed society. We can look at things like augmented reality and its impact on travel, artificial intelligence and its impact on marketing, autonomous vehicles and the manufacturing industry. We can also look at how has technology changed society in terms of how people communicate with each other. Through messaging apps like Facebook, messaging alone is now so much more than a simple communication device. We can look at how has technology changed society in terms of how information is shared, how data is processed and how it is used to support business operations.

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