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The impact of technology on our lives is more profound than really believe. It has affected how we communicate, interact, and entertain ourselves with the advancements in technology each day. From the smartphone to clean energy to artificial intelligent computers, technology has made life more fulfilling for many individuals around the world. What most don’t realize is that the impact of technology on their own lives is just the tip of the iceberg.

A recent article in the New York Times Magazine highlighted the impact technology has on the editorial department. The use of social media sites to share opinions and comment has dramatically increased and article writing and publication is no longer restricted to newspapers. The impact this has on how technology has changed the world can be summed up in three points; one, it allows people from different locations and backgrounds to read the same information, two, it has broadened the scope of topics and stories, and three, it has changed the way that journalists report.

One of the biggest changes in how technology has changed the world is the impact it has made on how news is covered. The introduction of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and StumbleUpon has changed how we communicate, find information, and share opinions with the rest of the world. Before the technological era, people communicated through newspapers, radio, and television. Now, with the explosion of new technological platforms we are able to share information with a wide range of people from around the world.

Another big change in how technology has changed the world is how it has changed how we live our lives. The introduction of the laptop computer changed how we traveled. No longer did we need to make multiple flights or take multiple connecting flights just to be at the next meeting. Instead all we had to do was bring the laptop with us. Within a few years, laptops became the most popular form of portable computers in the world.

The Internet has also changed the way that news is distributed. Once relegated to the world of large newspapers and magazines, now anyone with an Internet connection can publish news anywhere in the world that has a web browser. This not only allows for breaking news, but also allows for publishing articles from anywhere in the world. The impact of this sort of new technology on how news is distributed cannot be ignored.

The third major change to how technology has changed the world is how it has affected journalists and the type of stories they can cover. The development of the digital camera and other digital cameras has changed the face of news reporting. Previously, a photographer would need to be in the field, embedding themselves into the story to get a more personal point of view from the source. With the advancement of video production, reporters are now able to film live events from anywhere around the world, allowing them to follow the event as it unfolds rather than staying in the same physical place where the event occurred. As a result, lives are being saved as news agencies shift their focus from chasing bad news to actually reporting the news as it happens rather than trying to hold the event in the middle of their studio or building.

Another impact to how technology has changed the world is how it has impacted social media. Social media websites like Facebook and Twitter have changed the way that people communicate and form friendships across the globe. In the past, people had to be physically present in order to partake in these social media platforms. Now, though, anyone can join in the conversation that is taking place no matter how distant he or she may be. This allows for a greater sense of friendship and community building, giving people a sense that they can connect to people they have lost touch with, even if they are thousands of miles apart.

There are endless other ways how technology has changed the world. Social media, the Internet, and other forms of communications are allowing people all over the world to connect in a way that they never thought was possible. While these changes may not always be for the better, there is no denying how much they have changed the way that we communicate with one another. If you have any doubts as to how technology has changed the world, try some of these ideas and introduce you to new ways of communication and socialization.

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