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How to Sell Digital Downloads on Squarespace

If you’re planning to sell your digital downloads through Squarespace, you need to know about its limitations. As far as digital downloads go, Squarespace only allows you to create one listing and sell it at a single price. Also, you can’t sell multiple variations of the same item or have multiple download pages. Instead, your customers will receive their digital downloads by email. The main drawback of Squarespace’s digital download listing format is that it’s difficult to customize your listing for each variation.


If you’re interested in selling digital downloads on your Squarespace website, you’ve come to the right place. Squarespace has all the tools you need, including a tool for setting appointments. Squarespace also allows you to sell subscriptions and digital goods with built-in tax compliance tools. The good news is that Squarespace also supports third-party payment services such as Afterpay and PayPal. You can also use Squarespace to sell your digital products if you don’t have a website.

If you have a large file to upload, Squarespace limits its commerce feature to 300MB. If you have a file much larger than this, you can host it on another platform, such as Google Drive, which offers up to five TB of storage space. Be aware that selling digital products on Squarespace may not be legal in all countries, and you may also face privacy issues. Regardless of the country in which you live, you must take precautions to make sure your customers are not harmed by your products.

There are two main plans available to you: Squarespace Basic and Squarespace Pro. Each offers different features, but they are geared towards small and medium-sized stores. The basic plan costs $18 per month and includes unlimited storage space. Besides that, you also get an inventory management tool and a 14-day free trial. There are also other plans available that cost more. But Squarespace is an excellent platform for selling digital downloads.

Easy Digital Downloads

If you’re unsure how to sell digital downloads on Squarespace, read this article. You’ll learn how to set up a Squarespace storefront and sell audio files, ebooks, and more! When you sell digital downloads on Squarespace, you’ll provide a link that customers can download after purchase. The download link will expire 24 hours after purchase and will be sent to the original purchaser’s email address. Squarespace has two e-commerce plans, Business and Commerce. You’ll have to remember that there is a file size limit of 300MB.

The Squarespace platform is specifically designed for small-to-medium-sized businesses. You can sell unlimited digital downloads on their Squarespace storefront for $18 per month! They also have a free 14-day trial period, so you can try it out before you purchase. It is important to remember that digital downloads may require you to adhere to federal privacy laws, so make sure you check the rules before you sell digital downloads on Squarespace.

The next step in selling digital downloads on Squarespace is to upload your files. You can upload almost any file type, but you’ll want to make sure that your files are named properly. Make sure to package your digital products in Zip files. You can also include an image or two for each file. You can also include a detailed description and images if you wish. But remember to keep in mind that it is important that your customers are able to download the files they purchased.


Are you thinking about introducing Payhip digital downloads to your Squarespace store? If so, it’s a great option for digital download sales. Payhip is a new player in the market for digital content delivery. They have no start-up costs and charge a flat 5% commission per sale. What’s more, they handle VAT on your behalf. If you’re looking for a simple way to add this payment option to your Squarespace store, you may want to try Payhip.

You can also embed the Payhip checkout into your self-hosted Squarespace store. Payhip was founded in 2011 in London, UK. While they specialize in digital downloads, they also offer a variety of physical products. If you’re an expert in your field, selling digital goods can be a great revenue stream. But how can you sell these products? It’s a good way to make money from your creative work.

The Payhip interface has numerous features, including built-in reporting and marketing tools. In addition to the payment processing system, you can manage your affiliates and create social discount codes and coupons. You can also embed buy now buttons on your website and manage your mailing list. If you’re not sure about how to incorporate the PayPal buttons into your Squarespace store, you can read this article. If you’re ready to add Payhip digital downloads to Squarespace, check out the details.

Squarespace Commerce

You can sell digital downloads with Squarespace commerce. You can sell digital ebooks, audio files, or other digital products. When customers purchase your product, they will receive a new link to download it. When using Squarespace, be sure to limit the file size. The commerce features don’t support large files, so you may want to use Google Drive or another file sharing service. But you can do it anyway.

Shipping options available through Squarespace include carrier calculated, flat rate shipping through FedEx, UPS, or USPS. You can set shipping methods for your customers and will automatically select the one that costs the least. Shipping notifications can be resent and order fulfillment can be marked as fulfilled. Squarespace allows you to track each individual sale. In addition to letting you know the total cost of shipping, you can customize your notifications by choosing from various shipping methods and enabling different shipping rates.

If you don’t have an existing website, Squarespace is the way to go. Its powerful platform lets you sell digital downloads without a website and comes with all the tools you need to sell them. You can even sell services through Squarespace. You can even create an appointment booking tool with Squarespace. Additionally, it has a built-in tax compliance tool and supports Afterpay. If you want to sell physical products, Squarespace can handle subscriptions and digital goods. It can also help you manage customer accounts. It also supports point-of-sale features, including payment processing, discount codes, and more.

Squarespace Member Areas

If you are selling digital downloads, you should consider setting up a membership area on your Squarespace website. This way, members can access gated content. You can add a member area in a simple and seamless manner. However, it’s important to note that Squarespace member areas only protect pages, not files. The files on your website have unique links, and a non-member could theoretically download membership files. To work around this issue, you should turn on Customer Accounts in Squarespace.

When setting up your Squarespace membership, it’s important to understand what you want to do with the extra money. Squarespace charges 7% of each transaction. While Squarespace can charge a flat rate, you can have more than one membership area to offer your members access to exclusive content. For this reason, you must carefully plan your membership areas and pricing to make sure you’re making a profit. Squarespace’s website builder has built-in features for selling digital downloads, but you should consider the additional fees that might come with this.

A Squarespace membership plan will cost you $9/month, and it comes with dozens of features. It’s also a great choice if you’re selling digital downloads. It includes a video library and a membership area. All of these features are essential for selling digital downloads, but you’ll want to have as many options as possible to accommodate your target audience. If you’re not sure how to set up a membership area, Squarespace will help you set it up.


If you are selling digital downloads on your Squarespace site, the best way to accept payments is through PayPal. Squarespace makes selling downloads very easy. Customers who purchase a download will be automatically sent a link to download the product. If the link expires, a new one will be sent to the customer. PayPal also offers payment processing solutions that are compatible with many credit cards. You can embed a PayPal button on your website, landing page, or email.

If you are selling digital downloads on Squarespace, you can create a unique URL and provide your customer with a download link. This link will expire 24 hours after purchase, so your customers don’t have to worry about losing their purchases. You can sell digital downloads on Squarespace for as little as $18 per month for a small to medium-sized shop. Squarespace offers a 14-day free trial.

In order to sell downloadable items through Squarespace, you can add the PayPal button to your pages. There are more than a dozen services that help you sell downloadable items on Squarespace, but PayPal is one of the most popular. It’s also easy to create a product using the Squarespace editor. Simply click on the “pages” option in your Squarespace navigation bar. You will find a product editor, with clear instructions and a $0.00 per day price cap. Then, click the Done button when you are finished.

How to Sell Digital Downloads on Squarespace

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