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In the past few years we have seen the negative impact of technology on society in many different ways. With the increase of spam and the increase in unwanted spam messages we see online, is has also increased the amount of identity theft and fraud as well. As the world is becoming more connected and there are more people using cell phones and wireless internet the risks have become greater. There have been numerous stories in the news of young children being taken to daycare after they left home to meet a new friend or acquaintance. Now there are cyber attacks that are occurring with more frequency.

As far as the negative impact of technology on society there are a few areas that are not so apparent. One of them is the impact it has on employment opportunities for those who are skilled in using digital technology. Companies are trying to find creative ways to use technology to eliminate these “techies” and make the workplace a safer place to be.

It goes beyond simply making the workplace safer for employees. Companies have been focusing on how using technology can affect their bottom line in many different ways. One of these ways is with digital health and medicine. If you look at the job outlook for physician assistants it is clear to see that there will be a great number of job losses over the next few years. This is why employers are trying to find ways to retain these professionals and keep them from having to downsize their business due to lack of jobs in the area of health and medicine.

In one instance of keeping doctors safe there was a company formed called “Digital Health and Medicine”. This group is trying to use various social media platforms to get the general public involved in helping to design websites and information portals for physicians and other medical staff. Their goal is to provide doctors with real-life experiences and give them tips on how to improve patient care through the use of technology. In this effort, they are taking advantage of the influence of fake news and Internet news stories on the Internet.

The fake news angle is simple. They use a network of hundreds of thousands of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, FourSquare and many others to spread the fake news story. There is no way for people to verify the validity of any particular story. Since it is completely up to the reader to decide if the information they are getting is true or not, this is a huge advantage for the person pushing the story over the Internet. Since so many people rely on these social media platforms daily, this could have a huge impact on their business.

Another area is in the realm of medicine. In an effort to get more people to take preventative measures and treatments for common diseases such as diabetes, there are efforts being made to use technology. For example, there are websites that offer tests that can be done online that can help identify diabetes. This test does not rely on the results of traditional glucose tests that have been done in the past. This test is far more reliable than the old fashioned tests that required taking a blood sample from a diabetic. Since people can run the test any time they want, there is no need to make an appointment with a doctor.

Then there is the issue of child health. Since we have a very busy workforce nowadays, parents have less time to spend with their kids and therefore, have to go to daycare centers to see their children. This is obviously a very large burden for any parent. Thankfully, there are ways for parents to know what is going on with their child and be able to contact local authorities in case of any problems. This may prevent an tragic event from happening.

All in all, the Internet and its various uses can have a negative impact on society. However, there are many benefits that come from the use of technology. Therefore, society can benefit greatly from the use of such technology.

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