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The Advantages of Information Technology and Real Time Communication

In the early 1990’s, there were no internet, no fax machines, no telephones, no cameras, no watches, no televisions or any other technologies that we now take for granted. In fact, with the exception of paper and pencil, almost everything was electronic. But like a river whose source can never be found, information technology evolved, changing the world in countless ways as it did. One of the most important advantages of information technology is the fact that it changed the way business was done.

The most obvious advantage of information technology is the increased productivity it brought into a business. From the earliest count, computers and electronics have evolved to the point where they can make almost any decision making task easier. This is why businesses of all sizes today are turning to information technologies for their business processes. With so many options available to businesses, they are finding that it is easier than ever to handle all of their business processes electronically.

Another advantage of information systems is social media. We live in a time when people communicate in every manner possible: text, email, social media, blog, YouTube, social networking sites, instant messaging, and more. With these types of technologies, it has become easier than ever for a business to communicate with customers, employees, and the entire organization at the same time.

These technologies also played a large part in the evolution of business technology tools. These tools include email, chat, web conferencing, collaboration tools such as collaboration tools, and applications for managing workflows, tasks, and calendars. Some of these applications are free; others have to be purchased. However, whether you have to pay for them or not, most everyone agrees that having these applications can greatly increase productivity. Many businesses today use social media applications in order to stay connected to their customers, employees, and the overall business community.

The third advantage of information technologies is that they have streamlined processes. It used to be that it took several days before someone could receive information, evaluate it, and use it. This means that it could take up to a week before someone had access to specific tools like Excel. Now, depending on what tools you are using, you can use important data within minutes. Instead of waiting for weeks, you can receive information and begin making decisions immediately.

The fourth advantage of information technologies is that they have eliminated many people’s need for paper. Paper was one of the primary causes of computer data loss. However, through improvements in memory and hard drive technology, many people are able to store less data on their computers. Therefore, it is possible for even the smallest businesses to eliminate paper completely.

Finally, there are many people who recognize the advantages of information technology as being great for employees. In previous generations, many people lost their jobs or were otherwise disadvantaged due to a lack of available office space. Today, there are several different types of information systems that make creating an effective workspace easier than ever. Furthermore, it has become much easier for companies to manage their employees through these systems as well. Therefore, in addition to benefiting workers, employers also see this advantage as a great way to increase productivity and profit.

As technology continues to develop and improve, there will likely be additional advantages of information technology. Some of these advantages may actually help out current business processes and help to make them even better. However, it will be critical to continue to monitor the developments in this fast-paced field. No matter how advantageous information communication can be for individual businesses, it can still be considered a fairly new frontier of business. Therefore, as the world of information communication expands, it is important to stay on top of its various developments to prevent the disadvantages from becoming too much of a problem.

The Advantages of Information Technology and Real Time Communication

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