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Technological advancements have changed the world for good or sometimes for bad. Technological advances have created wealth for some and helped others in what they regard as their right to exist. Technological progress has also created a new face of a society that is technologically isolated and struggling to survive in the harsh environmental conditions. Therefore we need to recognize the negative impact of technology on human life.

Technological advancements have altered the lives of all people who use such technologies. Technological change has brought positive impact of technology on life because it has made life more convenient, relaxed and has provided us with many options. Technological development has contributed in changing the quality of human life because of the advancement in various fields. Technological developments have made us self sufficient and we can live a better and easier life. Technological innovations have made our life more comfortable and we are able to do things that before we could only dreamt of.

Technological progress has also created negative impact of technology on human life because of the impact of technology on health. Technological changes have resulted in a deterioration of health care, resulting in increasing number of life threatening diseases. Technological advancements have increased the possibility of developing a deadly disease, thereby affecting the lives of millions of people. In addition to this many people are dying because of lack of access to healthcare.

Technological change has also impacted on the way people communicate, work and survive. Technological innovations have opened the way for global communication, transportation and information systems, thereby affecting human existence in every sphere of life. The impact of technology on human life is a product of development process and the impact of technology changes are always changing because new devices and machines are being introduced. Technological change and innovation has led to the impact of technology on human life in different ways, one of them being impact of technology on human life in society.

Society is one of the most powerful forces that shape human lives and impact of technology on human life is directly related to the societal impact of technology. Society has the power to control or limit the impact of technology on human life. A society that controls technology controls the development of society. For instance, those who are economically disadvantaged can be easily affected by technology. If the impact of technology on human life is not limited by economic factors, it will affect the entire society.

Technological innovations and changes have led to an increased level of competition among human beings, thereby reducing the influence of tradition and family values on technological developments and impact of technology on human life. The rapid spread of information technology is an example of impact of technology on human life. In addition, other forms of technology, such as telecommunications, automobiles, communications equipment, information systems, medical technologies, entertainment software, military systems, transportation systems, and financial systems have also had major impact on society.

Impact of technology on society is evident in the impact of technology on education. Advancement in technology has led to the development of greater efficiency in education. Technological developments in education such as computers, higher education, computer science, and communication technology have made it easier for people to learn. Moreover, students from various socio-economic backgrounds have access to quality education. However, there are still some areas where the impact of technology on human life remains a challenge.

Technological developments and changes have also led to an impact of technology on human health and living conditions. Technological advancements and inventions have provided a lot of help but at the same time created problems for the society. Pollution is a major concern which poses a great threat to the survival of the society. Changes in lifestyles and food habits and introduction of novel techniques in the food industry have contributed largely in polluting the atmosphere.

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