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The seven areas of technology are information technology, computer science, business, environmental technology, physical sciences, and engineering technology. These sectors combine to form the seven main areas of technology. The areas are ever-changing; they are in continuous flux. And in each area of technology the tools that are used are constantly advancing.

  • Manufacturing: One of the areas of technology that encompasses all aspects of manufacturing is engineering design. Engineers are discovering new ways to do things more cheaply and efficiently. With advances in engineering design new materials and tools are being developed that have greatly increased the productivity of human labor. Manufacturing is the backbone of the United States economy.
  • Literacy: Technology has had an enormous impact on the level of literacy all around the world. All the advances in reading and writing have been made possible by advances in technology. The field of engineering literacy is expanding at a rapid rate as well. Some areas of technology have developed programs to assist people who cannot read or write. All of this is happening in areas like literacy, dyslexia, and other learning disabilities. In order to develop world class literacy and to reduce the illiteracy gap the United States has developed programs such as the TEACH ( TECHNOLOGY AT Elementary Education) Program.
  • Teaching and Learning: A teaching and learning concept is extremely important to the process of educating students. In the past, teachers relied largely on rote memorization in order to teach their students. Teachers also developed tests and quizzes to measure how much a student knew and what they could recall when being tested. With the development of new technologies like the Internet and mobile devices it has become easier for teachers to incorporate technology into the classroom. One of the three areas of technology that has most influenced the teaching and learning practices in the classroom is online education.
  • Telecommunication: Along with the other areas of technology we have already mentioned, the area of telecommunication is quite influential in the lives of Americans. There are many different types of communication technologies that have developed over the years. One of the most influential has been the development of digital information systems. The ICT department in general has worked to improve education. The three areas of technology we just discussed are all involved in ICT.
  • Computer Programming: Computer programming is another one of the important areas of ICT that has impacted our lives in a positive way. This type of ICT training allows students to use computers to solve problems by themselves. Schools that offer ICT services also incorporate computer programming into their educational programs. This allows students to learn by solving problems instead of having to take pre-determined lessons that do not require them to program.
  • Engineering Literacy: Engineering is a field that is focused on finding solutions to the most pressing problems that face our world today. One of the areas of technology that has helped solve problems in this industry is engineering technology. Engineers are responsible for discovering new ways to design products that can help solve problems and prevent disasters. The engineers who design these products are highly educated in areas of engineering design and communication technology.

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