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Technology and society or impact of technology on society relates to its inter-dependent, and inter-qualification relationship on each other. The evidence for this synergism has also been discovered since earliest humans began using simple tools. History of technology has shown that it was the use of these simple tools that first brought about the development of complex society. It was not until sometime later that the impact of technology on society was fully comprehended and put into effect.

Technology has indeed brought about profound changes in human life. Although there has been an impact of technology on society as a whole, the impact of technology on individual human beings has been greater than the impact of technology on society as a whole. Moreover, the impact of technology on society as a whole is felt more during periods of economic development, and even more so during periods of economic decline.

Societal changes in individual life styles are manifested in many different ways. Each individual changes their mode of living and their mode of interaction based on the changes in society. There are also societal changes in individual lifestyle manifested in different ways. For instance, increased divorce rate, greater number of single-parent households, increased alcoholism, increase in drug abuse, greater amount of teenage pregnancy, greater amount of unemployment, greater number of working adults, and many more similar changes manifesting a variety of social impacts.

Technological change also has a negative impact on human life. One can see this impact in different ways. It can be seen in increasing instances of violence against women, children, elders, and the poor in societies which have advanced technologically. Also, there is a rising instances of sexual and reproductive exploitation against minors, workers, and others.

Technological change also has impacts on the economy and the society. Advanced technologies lead to greater production, but the increase also results in increased need for resources and in increasing demand for goods and services, both necessities and luxuries. The process of globalization has not only opened up opportunities for individuals, but also for nations, regions, and cultures. This process of globalization has created new gaps and challenges for the societies around the world, forcing them to develop different strategies for the economic welfare of their societies.

Technological change also has a negative impact on employment opportunities. Advancements in technology make it possible to do many jobs that were previously done only by people with high school or college educations. However, these same advances have also made the jobs easier to do and have increased the productivity of the workforce. Moreover, the increase in technological advancements also means that the quality of the labor force is deteriorating. More people in developed countries are being trained, while in developing countries the quality of the labor force is on the rise.

Another impact of technological systems on society is the impact on values and beliefs. In the past, people were able to organize their lives according to their religious and cultural beliefs. Now, with the increasing complexity of the technological systems, people live in a very materialistic world, where beliefs and value systems have become divorced from reality and no longer reflect the real world that surrounds them. People’s belief in a higher power may be strong, but most of them now rely on technology to solve problems or to find answers to their questions. This often leads to a reduction of spiritual value and belief in things such as God, or the ability of things to be predetermined.

Technological change has also had a negative impact on employment opportunities. As machines replace people, or as humans become less independent, there will be a tendency for the workforce to become automated. This can have negative implications for the employment market because the demand for labor can decrease as companies invest in automation. Moreover, the number of available jobs can increase as technology improves productivity and lowers the cost of labor. Additionally, unemployment will increase as more people become unemployed.

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