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In an era of information technology education, the need for a proper training system that helps users learn efficiently is very much essential. A lot of time and money has been spent in designing training curriculum and in implementing it. However, there are many drawbacks in such systems that need to be addressed. This is where system technology comes in.

System Technology-Co. Ltd., also known as iertation Scramble Tool Co., is a Japanese e learning company specializing in teaching control systems technology to business and other educational institutions. All its products are branded under the iamins label. It offers several single-spaced pages of presentation of various scientific papers on topics like electrical engineering, physics, astronomy, etc. These pages contain hyperlinks and ‘anchor text’ which guide the students to the main page of each topic.

The technology allows the instructors to easily create multiple parallel sets of PowerPoint presentations for teaching multiple subjects at the same time. iamins system provides a user-friendly interface for use by instructors and student together in e-learning projects. Users can create their own single-spaced electronic document and distribute it to other users via e-mail, FTP, or CD-ROM.

iamins technology-i also includes a free interactive whiteboard for brainstorming session during group discussions. This system provides a complete solution for managing an online teaching session with a web based user interface. Students can access the board portal through a password-protected login or through an IP address.

The iamins system is perfect for managing multiple groups of learners working on one project. iamins system also provides a document management system and document delivery system for managing training documents. The e-learning management system of iamins helps in the workflow management including assignment, review, tracking and distribution. iamins system uses secure content delivery network for delivering training materials and other resources to learners. Secure delivery ensures that the learners have access to the materials only when they are required.

iamins system allows the users to update knowledge and information about a subject easily. It provides an online content management system that enables organizations to maintain and develop documentation. The system also enables the users to retrieve and publish information from the Web site quickly. Online content publishing is done easily as this technology supports various Web formats such as HTML, PDF, and MS Word.

iamins system also provides a collaborative learning environment for managing multi-user groups. Online education technology such as this system helps in managing a diverse set of people who may be located at different places. This technology also allows the learners to access shared content across the global network. Online education technology such as this system can also track the usage of a computer system.

This system is also beneficial for companies involved in education sector. It helps them in maintaining a consistent educational environment for their employees. iamins technology is also helpful for parents who would like to track the progress of their children in school. A system such as this also helps organizations in reducing cost related to technology. It provides easy access to files and programs that are in use.

Another form of system technology used is content management system. Content management system technology helps in the management of large and complex digital media such as images, text, and video. It allows users to categorize the media and to make it easily accessible. Users can make additions and modifications to images and can also delete the existing media. This type of system allows the user to search media according to a specific topic.

Online content management system helps a business to manage its own digital library. The library can be customized with different search filters. This type of technology also allows the users to retrieve information more efficiently. An online content management system can be used for multiple purposes. It helps businesses to improve productivity, save money, and reduce cost.

This system technology helps businesses in the areas of supply chain control, customer service, inventory management, and manufacturing. The system improves the efficiency of the business. It allows an organization to track its own inventory and to measure the performance of its goods. It also helps in reducing costs and increasing productivity. Online system provides business with a comprehensive view of all the business activities and system integration provides real-time feedback.

Online system technology can be used to track inventory, sales, customer service, and production. This system is an essential part of any large scale enterprise and many companies are making full use of it. Small businesses can also benefit from the benefits of system technology. As the internet is becoming widely popular, so this system technology is becoming more popular. It is not just limited to large companies and organizations but small businesses can also benefit from the systems offered.

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