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If you have been asking what are the parts of computer monitor, you will surely find the answer in this article. It is very difficult to understand or to explain the technicalities of a monitor. Computer hardware is one of the complicated things in the world that needs a very sophisticated technique in order for it to be understood by the layman. Computer parts are also one of the most vital things to be considered when purchasing a new computer.

So what are the parts of computer monitor? The parts are actually the different parts of computer that makes it run smoothly. This includes the computer CPU or central processing unit or mother board. CPU has different parts such as main memory chip, main processor, random access memory chip, and system board which is basically the main part of the CPU.

Motherboard is also one of the parts of computer. This part connects the CPU with the other parts of the computer through the USB or serial ports. This is also one of the most important parts of a computer since it controls how the other parts of the computer work. There are different types of motherboards such as the model M, the ATX form of motherboards, the older models of motherboard such as theardless or molex. Model M however is the most popular and the most used type of computer motherboard.

On the other hand, the parts of computer monitor also depends on the design and style of the monitor itself. For example, a flat panel monitor is much different from a CRT or flat panel monitor. Flat panel monitors are also called flat screen monitors. The difference between them is that the flat screen monitors are more common on computers at home or office while CRTs are more commonly found in large offices and factories.

Other parts of a computer are the memory slots, the hard disk drive, audio devices, video output devices, internet browser and other software and programs. All these parts play an important role on how a computer works and operate. The memory slots in a computer monitor refers to the slots for loading the system software and programs on the computer. The hard disk drive stores all the data files and settings on the computer system so that when the user wants to run a program, he just needs to connect the computer to the disk drive and then use the keyboard to input whatever data is needed.

Another important part of a computer is the audio device. Some sound cards can be attached to the computer via the USB port. The sound card also plays an important role in the operating system of the computer. The internet browser helps the users to access the web easily. The internet browser is what connects the computer to the world wide network which enables the users to access the internet and browse the net.

A computer monitor is usually used to display the desktop of the computer or a small portion of the desktop while the computer is being used. When a new computer is bought, there are many types of monitors available in the market which the users can choose from. These different types of monitors include flat panel, Laptop panels, TV out and DVD output. These parts of computer monitor usually differ in their size and price.

There are some parts of computer monitor which most of us do not pay much attention to. The ventilation system is probably the most ignored part of a computer monitor. But it actually contributes greatly to the performance of the computer. Air flows through the ventilation system which clears the computer screen of dust particles and debris. So if you want to keep your computer working for a long time, make sure that you also clean the ventilation system regularly.

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