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What is Content Marketing Tools?

A number of free and paid tools exist to help you monitor and analyze online media. These tools include Google Analytics, HubSpot, OptinMonster, DupliChecker, DivvyHQ, and others. Here are just a few that I use regularly and recommend:


If you are struggling to create a strong content strategy, HubSpot’s content strategy tool is an excellent resource. This tool surfaces topics based on your keywords and gives you a quick overview of which articles to publish. The tool can even help you organize your content by creating topic clusters. Once you’ve created a cluster, you can use this to develop pillar pages. The pillar pages are linked together and can serve as a hub for your other content.

Aside from content marketing tools, HubSpot also offers a range of integrations. Its as-you-type SEO advice, social scheduling, and lead scoring are similar to those provided by competitors like Semrush. If you’re looking to manage your content marketing, HubSpot also offers business blog hosting options with article templates and collaboration tools. With all of these features, creating engaging content is now easier than ever before.


If you are looking for an email capture tool that is simple to use and generates more leads, subscribers, and sales, OptinMonster is the tool for you. It works by displaying pop-ups on your website that capture email addresses and other information, advertise discounts, or build customer loyalty. You can choose from different pop-up formats, such as full-screen mats or sidebar forms. You can also customize the design of the pop-up, based on your audience’s behavior.

OptinMonster is easy to use and comes with a drag-and-drop visual builder that makes building your opt-in campaign easy. This tool allows you to build a responsive opt-in that looks great across various devices, including mobile phones. Besides the visual builder, OptinMonster has advanced targeting rules and Exit-Intent(r) technology to optimize your campaigns.


If you have ever copied content from a website, you know it can affect your rankings. You might wonder how to find duplicate content without stealing it. This tool can check your website’s content against millions of other documents online. DupliChecker checks both web pages and published content, and will alert you if they contain duplicate text. While it’s not free, it does provide fast results, and you can use it for up to 50 documents per day.

Copyscape is another good option for checking content for duplicate content. The paid service includes a scan of up to 10,000 pages, and you can exclude sites you’re familiar with. The paid version is also better for larger businesses or sites that pay for content. However, it’s also more expensive. Copyscape does not have a word limit, which is a drawback of DupliChecker. It’s worth a try, however, if you want to avoid paying for duplicity and avoiding costly penalties.


DivvyHQ is an upstream accessory to your CMS. Native content editing speeds up the process and lets you add key metadata. Content Strategy Fields help you categorize content and track its progress. Content reviewers can view past edits as well. They can then edit your content and make any necessary changes. It’s the ultimate content management tool. Here’s how DivvyHQ works. And the best part? It’s affordable.

DivvyHQ was originally developed with its clients in mind, but today, it is a great resource for small and midsize organizations. The company counts Red Bull and Unilever among its client list. Although it may not be as advanced as some other tools, it has won several awards, including the Audience Choice Awards for the top content creation and workflow platform. Despite its limited features, DivvyHQ is a great choice for small and medium-sized organizations.

DivvyHQ integrates with SharePoint, a platform that includes multiple workflows, databases, and file sharing. You can access files stored in SharePoint through DivvyHQ. Most major content marketing channels are supported by a native analytics solution. With a rich visual dashboard, you can track how your content is performing. You can also filter your results by content type. If you are unsure about which marketing tools are best for your business, start with DivvyHQ and track the results.


Using Airstory to create and manage content is an excellent way to create better quality content, and save time. The tool can also be integrated into existing tools like WordPress, Google Docs, and MailChimp. You can even capture URLs directly into Airstory, which can make organizing your content a breeze. Its features are numerous and make it easy for any team to publish great content. Read on to learn more about how Airstory can help you grow your business.

While Airstory is far from the newest tool available, it is one of the most effective tools for content marketing. It features an easy drag-and-drop interface, and allows you to move projects from idea to completion. It also has a number of time-saving principles and is suited for 99% of content creators. It also comes with a generous free plan. And if you’re looking to use Airstory as a tool to organize and manage content, you might want to look into its free plan.


Content marketing tools such as Buzzsumo can help you shape your content around hot topics and get the most out of social media. Simply enter your website’s URL to see what has been shared, and search for keywords related to that topic. By using this tool, you’ll be able to create content similar to what people are sharing on Twitter and other social media channels. In addition to being able to see what’s trending, Buzzsumo provides you with statistics that help you determine what is working for your content marketing strategy.

In addition to providing content suggestions, BuzzSumo also has filters for keywords and topics. You can also filter the results by the freshness of the content and social sharing data. With this tool, you can easily find partners that will provide you with fresh content. By leveraging the power of this tool, you can make your content more popular and get more traffic than ever. With so many content marketing tools at your disposal, you’ll never be short on content again.

Scripted Written

If you’re looking for a content marketing tool to create a consistent and quality flow of content for your website or blog, Scripted is worth a closer look. Scripted is a content management platform that integrates AI technology with expert writers and strategists to create content that will convert. It’s easy to choose a writer and send them your writing project; its intuitive interface makes the process even easier. The content writing team has access to an analytics dashboard and affordable rates, and its AI technology guides writers in the process, measuring and monitoring their performance.

Scripted’s platform is easy to use and connects you with more than 7,000 writers in the U.S. through their algorithm. The platform’s matching algorithm matches your content to the right writer, removing the need to spend hours looking for writers. Scripted is a great tool for creating thought leadership content. Prices start at $99 per blog post. Scripted’s competitor, Contently, is similar, but connects brands with journalists. However, it requires a monthly fee and does not allow self-service.


If you’re looking to outsource your content marketing, then Narrato might be the perfect solution. You can use its platform to find writers and outsource your projects, and you’ll be able to scale content production economically. You’ll be able to access a repository of guidelines and templates that are customized for each project, and the platform offers tools like a plagiarism checker and recommendations for images for social media. And if you’re unsure about whether to use the platform’s services, then you can start by signing up for a free trial.

Narrato is a powerful content editor that combines collaboration tools with an AI writing assistant. The editor makes it easy to create and edit content, and it even offers grammar and readability checks, as well as plagiarism detection. It’s also a collaborative workspace, so your team can collaborate and share feedback and publish finished content pieces. Narrato also has a free plan for teams just getting started, but it is worth checking out the paid options if you’re looking for a more powerful content marketing tool.

What is Content Marketing Tools?

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