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What Is Inbound Digital Marketing?

Generally speaking, inbound marketing and digital marketing would be categorized as two different methods: 1) An approach that mainly relies on the creation of brand awareness, and 2) A more targeted approach that uses technological developments. Generally speaking, inbound marketing revolves around the identification of the target audience by using traditional and non-traditional methods to gather data.

Meanwhile, digital marketing, on the other hand, is a wider concept that includes elements such as the distribution of electronic media content, including e-mails, instant messages, web pages, images, and video clips. Both of these marketing approaches would have their own strengths and weaknesses. The specific areas where these two marketing methods interact to create a strong online presence, however, remain relatively unspoken.

As with all marketing strategies, the process of generating leads through digital marketing begins with the process of defining goals. Unlike traditional forms of lead generation, it is easier to develop meaningful action plans in digital marketing since there is already a structure in place. Here are the most important steps that should be followed in order to effectively create leads through digital marketing:


  • Setting goals. Digital marketing aims to connect directly with the audience, and thus it requires the knowledge of what kind of viewers a certain brand hopes to attract, which also dictates the kind of content to be produced. Inbound digital strategy can be effective only when there is a balance between content marketing and search engine optimization. Thus, it is advisable to hire a professional SEO agency to help you find your way in the world of search engine marketing.


  • Generating interest. While inbound marketing can generate interest easily enough, it is vital that inbound digital marketing tactics are able to build brand awareness too. In traditional marketing, brand recognition is built through word-of-mouth publicity. But in the case of digital marketing, this is not always possible as readers are more likely to be aware of new products if they are offered some form of pre-written information.


  • Making the consumer feel listened to. Engaging the audience is one of the most important tasks in traditional marketing. Inbound digital marketing techniques help make the consumer feel listened to, which makes them feel valued by the brand and interested in their offerings. However, inbound marketing tactics also aim to make as many people aware of the existence of the product or service, so there is always a chance of word-of-mouth promotion to drive sales.


  • Finding ideal customers. Many people register for free to avail of a certain service or product, but most of them do not end up making purchases. Creating relevant, prospect-driven content is one of the most efficient digital marketing tactics that can attract ideal customers. It provides valuable information about the prospect, which in turn makes it easy for the brand to make a connection and establish a long-term relationship. However, content creation should be done only after careful consideration as doing it prematurely may result to ineffective campaigns.


  • Employing the power of social media presence. Many brands now have an inbound marketing strategy that is heavily dependent on the use of social media as a source of reaching out to customers. Inbound methods include video marketing, PPT presentation, blogging, SEO, and social media presence. Social media presence enables a brand to create awareness about a particular product or service, the brand itself and its offerings, interact with customers on an appropriate platform and engage with prospective prospects. While social media helps in creating awareness, it can also affect sales as people become more aware of a product and its offerings.


Inbound digital marketing strategies are often adopted together with SEO, a highly targeted approach that ensures a high position in search engine results. Keywords can be chosen from an SEO checklist and relevant content can be created using the keyword suggestions provided by the SEO tool. This gives a good foundation for generating quality backlinks. The combination of the two highly effective strategies makes for a highly profitable campaign that will ensure a significant return on investment.

What Is Inbound Digital Marketing?

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