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In the present era, what is the purpose of technology? Is it necessary to answer this question or not? Well, I would say that it is indeed important to answer this question with certain qualifications. First, as tech has changed the way people live and work today; answering this question may be irrelevant in the near future. Moreover, general-purpose technology have the potential to change entire societies through their influence on society’s pre-existing social and economic structures.

Second, there are some positive effects of technology, which outweigh what is the purpose of technology. It has increased the speed of decision making process and has enabled the organization to function at a global level. It has also brought about a positive effect on the employment market and has increased competitiveness in the labor market. In other words, increased opportunities for people with skills and knowledge of advanced technology.

Thirdly, some argue that what is the purpose of technology is to push the human body into a state of hyper-evolution, where every part of our being is optimized for the purpose of creating a life that is faster, stronger, and smarter than our evolutionary past. This argument, however, is highly controversial. It is also, in my opinion, against the interests of those who own the means of communication and information. Advanced technology, they argue, is good because it allows us to connect our brains to the Internet or our super computers at the tip of our fingers. However, we already know how to do this. Technology, according to them, is only evil when it is misused.

Technological unemployment is also one of the major arguments in favor of what is the purpose of technology. The negative effects of technology, they reason, are not worth the positive effects. Negative effects are caused by unemployment, and advanced technology actually creates more employment due to the increased efficiency that it brings. Thus, the negative effects of technology are, according to them, not worth what is the purpose of technology.

According to a popular notion, what is the purpose of technology? According to a techno-optimist, the purpose of technology is to help us get connected to the Internet. And to do that we must be able to have high-speed Internet access. Furthermore, he adds, we must have online shopping, online music downloads, and e-mail capabilities.

According to another popular conception, what is the purpose of technology is to help us relieve ourselves from the monotony of life. Technology, they say, is a great motivator of entertainment. We can, therefore, use technology to get rid of monotony, alleviate boredom, and even find the things and people that we want in our lives.

According to a pessimistic thinker, what is the purpose of technology is to make life more difficult. Life is hard enough as it is without adding the impossible to it. Life would be easier, he contends, if we were to simply disconnect from the Internet and computers and use the real world to meet our real needs. He adds that technology is good, if used properly; that it is a tool that helps us to live more efficiently; it is only bad when it is used so that people have to be dependent on it and cannot live without it. He argues that it makes life more difficult because we have to take care of it and feed it, install programs on it and run it at full blast to use it efficiently.

According to another thinker, what is the purpose of technology? According to him, what is the purpose of technology is to make our life less complicated, less painful and more enjoyable. He also contends that what is the purpose of technology is not to give us pleasure but to build up our skills and knowledge so that we can utilize what we learn and apply it to solve our problems. In other words, what is the purpose of technology is to improve on what we already have, not to replace it with something better.

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