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What is the Technology Impact on Businesses?

The term technology impact on businesses was first coined in 1990 by Thomas J. DiLorenzi, III, when he wrote “The Dynamics of Technology and Its Impact on Business.” In this book, the author examines how technology has affected the small business markets over the years. Specifically, the author examines the impact technology has had on the marketing industries and specifically, how technology has changed the way that businesses communicate with their customers. More specifically, the author examines how technology has affected the way that some businesses interact with their customers, how those interactions have changed the way that the marketing industries communicate with their customers and how those interactions have affected the marketing industries ability to effectively market to their customers. This article will focus on examining how technology has impacted small businesses specifically.

The impact technology has had on the marketing industry is vast. First, we will look at how the impact technology has had on the way that businesses communicate with their customers. With the advent of the internet, email, chat rooms and social media websites have become very popular for most businesses and as a result, the number of business e-mail messages has increased dramatically. While this is a positive thing, we also see the potential for abuse of these new forms of communication. This article will discuss the impact technology has had on marketing businesses through e-mails and how technology negatively affects the way that businesses communicate with their customers.

Second, we will take a look at how technology has impacted the way that businesses operate within the physical locations of their businesses. For many small business owners, location is important. The majority of new businesses are born out of a desire to provide a quality product or service to their customers in a convenient place. For years, many businesses attempted to solve this problem through physical location. However, technology provided solutions to the problem by enabling businesses to use technology to leverage the power of the internet to get their products and services into a customer’s hands, even when they may live thousands of miles away.

Before we go any further, we need to discuss the impact that e-mail has had on the way that small business owners communicate with their customers. Since technology has allowed e-mail to take over the traditional communication channels, more companies are choosing to communicate via e-mail instead of speaking directly to a customer. This means that for the past decade, businesses have been forced to change how they communicate with their customers.

Next, let us take a look at technology impact on technology. Technology is now playing an increasing role in the way that businesses use technology to optimize business operations. In order to understand this impact, it is important to understand how technology works. It basically works like this:

Traditional technology, such as fax machines and phone lines, took voice messages and sent them over the airwaves. A few decades later, computers became the preferred method of communicating because they were able to handle voice as well as text. Today, it seems as if there is always another technology update. Whether it be social networking, instant messaging, or even e-mail; technology never stands still. Every day, something new is invented that allows businesses to maximize the use of technology.

One technology impact that has hit us all recently is the use of e-mail in business. Most large businesses today use e-mail as a primary form of communication. Businesses send out regular messages to customers, employees, and clients. Over the years, as technology was developing, companies would begin sending these messages in text format.

However, as text messages became less functional, companies turned back to their classic method of communication. Now, instead of sending a message in e-mail, companies use voice. Voice messages can be placed on phones and sent to another phone. The technology impact here is that voice can be converted into text and sent to another computer over the phone line. Today, this technology impact is felt by businesses everywhere. Thanks to the innovations of technology, any form of communication is possible, and that includes voice conversion.

What is the Technology Impact on Businesses?

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